Why AuraSel?

AuraSel provides best in class text, voice & video solution for online selling and interpersonal relationship building

Sometimes building a relationship with the customer is more important than making a one-time sale! This is the best solution for businesses where building trust and long lasting relationships are crucial.
- Linda Davis

The World Leader in Interpersonal Video Communication

AuraSel will delight your customers while significantly increasing your on-line sales. Clients report a 4 to 5x increase in on-line conversion and 30% increase in average order value. Plus, tremendously increasing the trust building factor, which keeps the customers coming back for more.

It is not just Video and text chat

The AuraSel solution doesn’t just allow you to video & text chat with customers. We also provide you with in-depth information about visitor's behavior on your website, their wishes their hobbies, event what is on their mind, while guiding them through the buying process.

7 Things Chat providers don’t want you to know about Interpersonal Live Video

  1. It converts more clients

    Interpersonal Live Video and Chat assisted sessions increase significantly the average order by providing your clients with an exceptional on-line journey. Enrich the client experience by using Live Voice and Video sessions that are a proven impact on conversion rates. 

  2. It brings lifetime customers

    The solution provides you with information about your client’s preference and buying habits, allowing you not only to communicate with them but information on what to communicate about. This helps you build Interpersonal relationships with the clients and gain their trust. By doing so, they are more willing to come back and buy from you again.

  3. Customers are willing to spend more

    The Interpersonal Live Video sessions deliver a higher sales conversion rate than regular text chat. Clients report a 30% growth in average order value just by providing the Interpersonal Live Video Assistance.

  4. It's best at selling complex or high value product 

    Complex and high value products are hard to sell on-line. The one-on-one interpersonal interaction with client, allow your service agents to gain the trust and build long lasting relationships with clients. They can guide clients throughout your website and through the buying process, right down to closing a sale. 

  5. It delivers a greater Return of your Marketing Investments!

    With a greater conversion rate, outstanding client satisfaction ratings that bring tremendous value and a much higher average order value, the Live Video Assistance delivers the strongest Return of Investment.

  6. It rates higher in customer satisfaction 

    Research shows that not providing the customer with the information they seek can result in billions of dollars in sales loss each day. With the Live Video Assistance clients continually achieve higher customer satisfaction. By providing the same one-on-one, personalized service as you would in a regular store, you can turn visitors into loyal customers. If they get the right information and the attention they seek they are more willing to close a sale right away. 

  7. It builds Trust and Long lasting relationships 

    It works well for businesses where trust and long lasting relationships with the client is more important than just making a one-time sale. Clients are aware when someone is just trying to sell them a product or service. Providing customers with the right information and walking them through every step of the buying process builds trust and company reputation. Clients are more likely to come back and buy from you, if they feel important. 

7 thing they will never tell you when you choice video text chat

Don't take it from us. See how our clients are using the AuraSel solution to deliver a world class client experience.